About Central Industries, Inc.

Commitment to Product Quality

Founded in 1993, our management was convinced that the technology was available to make lighting products that would last longer and consume less energy than what most companies were offering. Their commitment to the needs of customers was the basis and foundation that Central Industries was built on. All of our products are manufactured to our exact specifications, by technologically advanced manufacturers throughout the world. As a result, we strive to lead the industry in high value, Service Guaranteed lighting products. These lamps are specially designed and manufactured under our strict quality controls to save our customer’s money in energy, labor and replacement lamp costs.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our highly trained representatives and lighting consultants provide our customers with the best possible service available in the industry. We pride ourselves in solving customers’ lighting problems by saving them money and increasing the quality of their light. Service ranks equally as high as quality on Central’s priority list. Our order processing systems are designed to provide fast, friendly and accurate service to all customers. Each order is quickly processed for shipment within 24 hours of receipt.

Commitment to People

Central Industries is as committed to its people as it is to its customers. We work hard to create an atmosphere that nurtures growth in our people and promotes long-term family-like relationships. Our growth is dependent upon the growth of our people, thus assuring our customers of a long-term commitment to their lighting needs. The attitudes and beliefs our company was founded on has helped Central Industries to become one of the top long life, energy saving lighting suppliers in the nation. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our company’s long-term employees and repeat customers. These principles help to insure a solid and profitable future for Central Industries and its customers.
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